Important Information for Members

Registered Clubs Act

Important Information for Club Members

This club is by law required to keep a register containing information that relates to the management and financial administration of the club including:

  • A list of disclosures, declarations and returns made by the governing body and employees of the club
  • The salary bands of the club's top executives
  • Details of the overseas travel made by the govering body and employees of the club
  • Details of loans given by the club to employees
  • Details of certain contracts executed by the club
  • Salary details of club employees who are close relatives of the club's govering body and top executives
  • Details of the payments made by the club for consultant services
  • Details of legal settlements made by the club with a member of the governing body or employee of the club
  • Details of legal fees paid by the club for a member of the governing body or an employee of the club
  • The club's annual gaming machine profit
  • The amount applied by the club to community development and support.


  • The club must prepare quarterly financial statements for the governing body that incorporate:
  • The club's profit and loss accounts and trading accounts for the quarter, and
  • A balance sheet as at the end of the quarter.

Members may view the register or the financial statements by written request to the club.

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